Group Offers

With KRC's online booking platform, we can give you special code to distribute to your crew for them to easily book themselves in online.


Group Trip Options


Option #1: The St. Mary Express

A cost effective half day raft trip suitable for all ages abilities. For groups with time constraints, or who’s group interests may be varied, this trip will provide an enjoyable river experience for all.

Have some adrenaline junkies in your crew but want to keep to the half day trip? See option 2

Riverside Snack Included. Flexible pick time and location.

Group pp pricing     
Adult Rafters $75.00            

Option #2: The Express/Sport'yak Combo

The same 'Express' trip for the river rafter, but we bring out the inflateable kayaks to satisfy the more adventurous types in the group. Heading downriver together, you’ll get to share the blast!

For more on the Sport'yaks, click here.

Riverside Snack Included. Flexible pick time and location.

Group pp pricing    
Rafters or Kayakers $75.00



Option #3: Wilderness Whitewater

A day trip to one of the Southern Rockies best Whitewater rivers; the White, Bull or or the Elk river. The classic day trip with a schedule revolving around your crew. Traveling together in our bus gives you the time to relax and have fun with your gang as we head out to one of the area's great whitewater runs.

Return transport from the Raft & Fly Shop or customized meeting point; gourmet riverside meal and refreshments included.

Group pp pricing      
Adult Rafters $129.00           





"We partnered with Kimberley Raft Co in conjunction with the 2010 North American Orienteering Championships.  With participants from across North America and around the world, we needed a professionally run, easy to book service.  Kimberley Raft Co provided just that. Over 50 NAOC participants had a blast on the river..."    Jim Webster, NOAC 2010 Coordinator

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Call or Email for a Price Quote Today!!Top Ten Reasons to Go!

  1. Fun adrenaline rush of crashing through the waves
  2. Quality time with friends, family and co-workers
  3. Refreshing cool water on a summers day
  4. Beautiful Scenery with wildlife viewing
  5. Interactive – paddling with the team
  6. Learn about the area and its history
  7. Riverside snack or gourmet meal
  8. Swimming & surfing the waves
  9. Professional and friendly guides
  10. You’ll LOVE IT!



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