Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where do we meet? (click here)
All trips depart from the Kimberley Raft & Fly shop retail store at the stop lights in downtown Kimberley. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to tri departure to sign a waiver form for each adult.

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Q2: Is your company safety conscious? (click here)

At Kimberley Raft Co, Safety is our first priority...

  • Which is why each raft has a professional, certified river guide, trained in first aid and river rescue. This means we invest in training and safety for the security of your family.
  • We use the lightest and strongest rafts available: Sotar brand rafts.
  • Each trip is accompanied by first aid kits including epi-pens, radio communication and or a Globalstar emergency satellite telephone.

While we strive for best and safest trip possible, there are inherent risks involved with any river adventure. Therefore every guest is required to read an assumption of risk and waiver document prior to trip departure. There will be ample time to read this document prior to departure, and your questions are encouraged.

To read it ahead of time, click here: Assumption of risk and waiver document

Q3: What equipment do you provide? Do we have to rent equipment? (click here)
No rental fees. For your maximum comfort and value, the following gear is complementarily provided...
  • Clean, high quality wetsuits
  • Neoprene footwear to keep your feet warm!
  • Nylon splash jacket
  • Helmet and lifejacket
  • Neporene gloves and sweaters upon request
Q4: What should I bring? (click here)
  • A bathing suit under your clothes for easy changing.
  • A fleece sweater for cooler days.
  • Suncreen and a hat for sunny days.
  • Sunglasses should only be worn if you have retention straps
  • Towel
  • A change of clothes for after the trip
Q5: What are your booking policies? (click here)
  • Cash or a credit card payment is due at time of booking
  • No cancellations within 48 hours of trip departure. Cancellation prior to 48 hours before trip departure will receive a full refund.
  • To qualify for group discount pricing, payment must be collected from group leader and made in one payment to Kimberley Raft Co.
  • If guests do not show up for trip start, guests will be charged full price on the credit card given at reservation.
Q6: Is there an age limit? (click here)
  • No, however restriction for youth are based on the proper fit of our lifejackets. Here are the basic guidelines per trip; please keep in mind Kimberley Raft Co. reserves the right to alter weight restrictions for safety or other reasons.
  • The Hoot; No weight restrictions.
  • Intro to Sportrafting; Minimum 50 lbs
  • Big Time Whitewater; Minimum 90 lbs
  • Inflatable river kayaing; Minimum 90 lbs
Q7: What happens if it rains? (click here)
  • Our trips go rain or shine. Thanks to our high quality wetsuits and other top notch gear, we maximize your comfort no matter what the weather!
Q8: What about alcohol? (click here)
  • Drinking alcohol or the use of other recreational substances is not permitted on any Kimberley Raft Co trips. For safety reasons, any persons suspected of being intoxicated will be denied participation with no refund given. If you have any pre-disposing medical conditions we should know about, please let us know.
Q9: I am pregnant. Can I still go rafting? (click here)
  • River rafting can involve unforseen hazards inherent to river travel. For your safety, we do not advise pregnant persons to join our trips. Please read our assumption of risk document which outlines some of these potential hazards, and be sure call us to discuss your situation if this may be an issue.
Q10: Do you offer digital Photography? (click here)
  • Yes. During the trip, we will capture some 50 digital photos of your adventure. On the return trip, you will be able to view a slideshow of images taken during your river experience. Like what you see? We can transfer all the images to a Photostick to take home! They are high resolution pictures great for websites, screen savers, email to friends or even have them printed!
Other goodies as well... (click here)
  •  T Shirts
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

If you still have questions, please feel free to send us an email - you are sure to receive a prompt reply.

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